Music Tuition

Want to learn an instrument? … You’re at the perfect place to do so!

We teach: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Piano and Vocals

At Sound Affects we are proud to have an excellent group of dedicated, friendly and talented music tutors. We offer great tuition to anyone, from those who just want to learn an instrument as a hobby, to those who want to play professionally. Many people come to learn with a view to taking grades, many come wanting to become proficient enough to play live in a band or solo and many just come to learn an instrument for their own pleasure with no ambitions to do anything performance or grade wise. Whoever you are, our tutors would be more than happy to teach you and help you achieve your goal.

We do not teach to a set curriculum or offer a course of lessons. Lessons can go on for as long as you wish. Some people come for a few months of refresher lessons others have been having lessons for some time. It is up to you how long you wish to learn and there is no long-term commitment.

The only thing we ask for in advance is the cost of your next lesson. So for your first lesson you pay double which covers your next lesson as well as your first. When you wish to finish, let us know and you don't pay for your last lesson.

The lessons we operate are very much pupil focused. If you want to learn a specific style or even a specific song, the teacher will work with you to achieve this. You specify the direction within which you wish to learn and the teacher will help you get there. If however you are unsure about what direction you want to go in, don't worry, the teacher will still be able to help you and improve your knowledge of playing. We teach a variety of styles and can teach to all levels of ability, whether you’re a fresh beginner or having been playing for some time.

We operate a cancellation scheme, which means if you are unable to attend a lesson that you have booked and paid for you may cancel it and carry your payment forward to the next lesson as long as 48 hours notice is given.

Lessons cost £25 for an hour or £15 for half an hour.

Contact us or drop in to enquire and we hope to see you soon and get you on the way to being a musical superstar.



We are pleased to announce that we will be opening Sound Affects Music Studios.
Situated near to the store the building will include modern teaching facilities, free parking and a recording studio.

At Sound Affects Music Studios we plan to provide the following

Recording Studio - Whether you are a singer/songwriter looking to record a track or a band wanting a demo we will have the facilities.
Prices starting from £20 per hour including an engineer.

Popstar Experience - Bring your friends along to become Popstars for the day and leave with a mixed and mastered CD.
Perfect for birthdays.

Soundpoofed Teaching Facilities - Want to learn an instrument?...You're in the perfect place to do so!
We teach Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Piano and Vocals in modern soundproofed teaching facilities.

Jam Sessions - Want to gain experience playing with other musicians?
We will offer placements for our students in Jam Sessions to help them improve performance and sessions skills.

Rehearsal Space - Available upon request.

To keep updated on our progress please visit our online presence!